JorZine - NETHERION - New Album For Streaming

NETHERION - New Album For Streaming


The Syrian Death Metal band NETHERION have set their new album titled "Sphere of Terrorfor streaming. The album was recorded and mixed at the Old Hearth Studios in Damascus, Syria. The artwork was designed by the band's bassist Mohammad Alesseh.


You can listen to "Sphere of Terror" clicking HERE



01 - Into the Decay (Intro)
02 - Chains of Slavery
03 - Words Of Perdition
04 - Mutilate the Ignorance
05 - Sphere of Terror
06 - Breeding Paralysis
07 - Catastrophic Reality
08 - Dogmatic Separation
09 - New Dimension (Instrumental)
10 - Legion Of Redemption
11 - Kill with Hate



NETHERION released a single titled "Words of Perdition" last year, which was set for free download. You can get it clicking HERE


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