JorZine - CENOTAPH - Concert In Germany Announced

CENOTAPH - Concert In Germany Announced


The Turkish Brutal Death Metal band CENOTAPH have announced that they will be performing at Demonic Terror Fest in Bremen, Germany. The festival, which will take place on 14th and 15th December, will also feature other major Extreme Metal bands, such as DESASTER, YACÖPSAE, SCARLET ANGER and many others.

More information about the event is available HERE

As we previously reportedCENOTAPH will be performing at Metal Head's Mission Festival (also known as MHM Fest), which will take place in August in Ukraine. The festival, which will be headlined by NILE, GORGUTS and DERANGED, will also feature several Turkish bands such as RAVE WOODS andGÜRZ, as well as the Lebanese bands BLAAKYUM and KIMAERA


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