JorZine - VIN SINNERS - "An Element Of Surprise" To Be Released In India

VIN SINNERS - "An Element Of Surprise" To Be Released In India


The UAE-based Hard Rock band VIN SINNERS have announced that their debut album "An Element Of Surprise" will be released in India through, the country's leading digital media distribution portal. The album will be released on 9th July in India.

Vin Sinners, the band's vocalist commented: "The band is really excited about having our music reach Indian shores (finally). Considering that I am Indian, it is a very special feeling to be able to take the music back home! has over a million registered members who will be able to download the songs, mobile wallpapers, ringtones and of course the album. Starting July 9th, the portal will run some exciting contests through which members can win exciting VIN SINNERS merchandise!"

VIN SINNERS' debut album "An Element Of Surprise" was originally released on December 2011. The album features a fusion between Classic Rock, Classic Metal and some contemporary production styles. All the material on the album was written and composed by 'Papa' Vin Sinners, the band's vocalist and founder.

"An Element Of Surprise" was recently reviewed at JorZine. You can check the album's review clicking HERE


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