JorZine - MEGADETH - Rocks Thrown At The Band In Metalfest Croatia

MEGADETH - Rocks Thrown At The Band In Metalfest Croatia


According to, the final evening (June 5) of the first ever Croatian Metalfest Open Air ended up pretty badly for headliners Megadeth, who were forced to reduce their set after being thrown rocks at. The crowd is said to have been devastated because W.A.S.P. and Dark Tranquillity cancelled their sets due to technical problems and blamed Megadeth for it. Reportedly, W.A.S.P. and Megadeth had some arguments that led to the cancellation of the shows and the fans didn't approve of this.


Dark Tranquillity posted the following on their Facebook page: "To our Croatian fans: we're sorry for the cancellation of our show at today's Metalfest, but the festival changed the playing schedule around so that it would have been logistically and technically impossible for us to perform at the new time slot. We were really looking forward to the show and hope to return as soon as possible."


Megadeth, however, haven't released any official statement yet, but the band's Facebook page is filled with comments from Croatian fans apologizing for what happened. More details should be revealed soon.


Source: metalstorm. 


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