JorZine - EPICA - To Play Metal Female Voices Festival 2012

EPICA - To Play Metal Female Voices Festival 2012


Epica has issued the following announcement about appearing at the upcoming 2012 edition of the Metal Female Voices Festival:


"Epica is proud to announce their participation on the 10th anniversary of Metal Female Voices Fest! MFVF celebrates it's tenth year of existence and Epica will be headlining the Sunday (21-10-12) of this awesome festival.


"We have been a regular guest on this festival since the beginning and MFVF has meant a lot to the growth of Epica so that is enough reason to throw a big party!!


"We are currently working to create the most awesome show in the history of MFVF so be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible and prepare to be rocked out of your socks!! See you all there!"


For more info on Metal Female Voices, head over to the festival's official website here.


Source: metalunderground. 


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