JorZine - EBRAZUS - Departure with their guest vocalist, New vocalist announced

EBRAZUS - Departure with their guest vocalist, New vocalist announced


Guest vocalist Kareem Kelani for the Jordan Thrash/Groove metal band Ebrazus sent his partnership with the band away; Kareem did a really great job with the band during two live shows METAL MANIA I and III, Kareem released a massege to say goodbye for his friends and fans on his facebook page, Dear friends and fans of Ebrazus I'd like to announce that I left the band that I joined as a guest to play in metal mania and it was a great experience with these talented guys to work harder on my band Voldrop and focus on our originals, from my side I'm honoured to sing with Ebrazus and share the stage for two of the greatest metal shows ever in Jordan and I wish you guys all the best keep rocking and keep up the good work ... Good luck in harsh n' thrash will see you there.




The band Also release an announcment throw their facebook page, about the new member "Mohammad Shiekh Ali";




"Good morning everyone !! 

as you know before few day's our guest vocalist kareem kelani has left the band and we are getting closer from Harsh N'thrash concert in rainbow theatre so we would like to announce that Muhammed Sheikh Ali is our new vocalist
Welcome to Ebrazus family bro"


The band will be part of the upcoming metal event in Amman/Jordan Harsh N' Thrash, you can check the event page by
clicking here.



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