JorZine - Music For Amman Concert - Lineup announced

Music For Amman Concert - Lineup announced


A rock concert for three local Jordanian bands at Al Hussein cultural center , the concert will hold (Random House), (Blues O' Bantaloon) and (Jabal al Mareikh), you can check the EVENT LINK HERE.


To know more about these three bands, we will start first with Random House, The four members of Random House reflect a plethora of musical backgrounds of various styles, from folk to indie, reggae to rock, experimental to electronica. Mixed with oriental rhythms and scales, this fusion creates a unique and authentic sound, namely a form of Neo-Sufi. The name of the band is inspired by the belief that all universal laws were created after interactions of random nature occurred between the physical and the spiritual realms of the universe, As a result, humanity finding Utopia by living a life based on complete natural freedom, free will, and randomness.

Secondally, Blues O' BantaloonFusion Arabic Music that combines different styles ( Blues, Funk, Rock Reggae), Blues O Bantaloon is a band of four musicians with completely different musical backgrounds gathered to create new sounds. The band started in 2012.


Finally, we brining Jabal al Mareikh, A Post-Punk,Grunge,Alternative band based in Amman, the indie band started in 2014 Zaid Kilany and Yazan Khalefieh, they are now try to rise up the Punk/Grunge wave in Amman and they have a promising future ahead.


Tickets 10 JD's and more information will be annouce soon about them.

For more info: 0798677120 - 0797698669


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