JorZine - Coldplay - Banned to perform in Egypt

Coldplay - Banned to perform in Egypt



As the news of Coldplay ban in Egypt conquered the Media, Jorzine decided to give you the full story of this issue.

 Last year, many talks conquered the Facebook and Twitter about the latest Coldplay tour in the world" A Head Full of Dreams" –check more here.

that targets more than 100 shows all over the continents –except Africa-. In latest New Year's Eve, Coldplay headed an unforgotten performance in Abu Dhabi. The Egyptian Coldplay fans met the news with mixed feelings of Sorrow and Joy, as Coldplay performed in one of the Arabic cities but not in Cairo or in a historical place as the Pyramids.

  Through the final months of 2016, a number of Egyptian activists set up a starfish campaign to get Coldplay come to Egypt, the idea of the event is attracting Coldplay to their fans and lovers in Egypt to put Egypt on Coldplay's world tour map ,event link here


Many independent magazines and websites supported this event through sharing it or promoting the different hash tags thattheevent adapted. Another move to attract Coldplay to perform in Egypt was that a number of young musicians formed a tribute band which called "Strawberry Swing" to satisfy Coldplay's lovers in Egypt and to express their love for one of their favorite bands. Suddenly, Coldplay tweeted that they would like to perform in Egypt in addition they supported the Egyptian tribute project "Strawberry Swing" - .

This cheerful tweet was followed by shocking news that Coldplay won't perform in Egypt. The real shock represented in the press conference that  JWT’s CEO Hany Shoukry made. Shoukry stated that Coldplay originally chose Cairo to be the location for their new year's eve concert instead of Abu Dhabi with 50% less than they would take in Abu Dhabi's show. As Shoukry revealed in his speech that the idea was directly directed to the Egyptian officials and authorities, and after a long time of silence, Coldplay decided to save their time and direct the event to Abu Dhabi and considered the silence of the Egyptian officials is a refusal for their offer.

A sense of anger and rage conquered Coldplay's Egyptian fans for what they called "Coldplay ban in Egypt". The ugly truth, that the Egyptian officials didn't ban Coldplay, but they involved the idea between the known Egyptian sense of official governmental laws and routine which is known with a hundreds of measures, laws, permissions and steps. 


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