JorZine - Sinprophecy - First Album Details Revealed

Sinprophecy - First Album Details Revealed



The Poineers In the melodic death/Doom metal genre in egypt are finally ready to unleash a Beast of an album on the arabic metal scene.

The guys revealed their album will be Titled : Through Sacrifice And Redemption.

It will be released on the 28th of october, in a big event featuring some guests such as Veritatem Solam .

The Band members Said this Commenting on the album and the release :

This day is a very special day to us, and we would like to share this moment with all of our fellow sinners and all the people who supported us for 8 years througout our musical journey.

Also the day will be me more remarkable for us as we have a very special guests that will share this night with us, our dear brothers of Veritatem Solam .

The event's Link is : 


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