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KAMELOT - Reveal New Vocalist


The big mystery surrounding the new singer of Kamelot has been revealed. The band has just announced that Tommy Karevik is their new vocalist. The following press release was issued: "The American/German symphonic metal band Kamelot is proud to announce another key piece leading to the release of their new studio album. A question foremost in every Kamelot fan's mind has been: Who is the group's new lead singer? Band mastermind and guitarist Thomas Youngblood has now revealed: 'The new man is Scandinavian Tommy Karevik!'


"The general public may not be overly familiar with the 30 year old Swede, Karevik, but people in the industry know him as the immensely talented frontman of the Swedish band, Seventh Wonder. Youngblood states: 'We had around 800 candidates for the vacant position, among them a number of really renowned musicians, and having to reject them really wasn't easy. We want to thank all the applicants, thank you for your understanding and we wish you all lots of success in the future!'


In their search for a new singer, Thomas Youngblood found YouTube to be an amazing tool: "I listened to a clip of a studio production featuring Tommy and have to confess that his performance really amazed me. His approach to melodies and themes suits Kamelot perfectly, and during our European shows we had plenty of opportunity to find out what a great guy he is."


Karevik is thrilled about his new position: "I am so honored to now be a part of this family and I can't wait to move into the new era of the band together with the guys. I fully understand that this comes with great responsibility and that it will be a big challenge for me as a singer as well as a person, but you can rest assured I will give it my all. From this day, a new journey has begun and I am really eager to meet you all along the way to share my passion for this music!"


You can read Tommy's biography here.


Source: metalstorm.


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