JorZine - Omnium Gatherum - Introduce New Drummer

Omnium Gatherum - Introduce New Drummer


Omnium Gatherum have a new drummer. Jarmo Pikka is out after many years and Tuomo Latvala is joining the band as a full-time drummer after one year of solid prospect member service. Tuomo is a drumming instructor at his private drum school in Turku (Southwest Finland), and currently plays also in Torture Killer. He has previously played in such bands as Demigod and Hateform. The Finns collectively thank and salute Jarmo Pikka for 18 years of service and brotherhood. 

Markus Vanhala summarizes: "As many of you Omnium Gatherum fans and followers might have noticed, there's been another bold-headed rhythm machine hitting the drums already over one year. Our long-time drummer and brother-in-arms Jarmo Pikka stepped out for a daddy leave last year, and since then we've got the amazing Tuomo Latvala as a filling-in drummer. At some point it became clear that Jarmo's holiday is stretching longer and longer, so it became evident for Tuomo to step in. And why the hell not - since the show #1 with the dude it was clear that the chemistry, the energy, the friendship and the brotherhood is there. So we're proud'n'loud and pleased to welcome the man from south-west Finland to join us east coasters! Many good things will follow soon!"

Source : Metalstorm 


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