JorZine - El Morabba3 - Stream their second album online

El Morabba3 - Stream their second album online


Fans of El Morabba3 no longer have to wait more to listen to "Taraf Al Khait" is available for streaming today click here and have a listen.



The band started campaign for recording the album time ago and released a statement about it before; To all our beloved fans and to all our dear contributors who supported us to produce our second album Taraf Al Khait through the crowd funding campaign:


First we would like to apologize for the delay to release the album for reasons that are out of our hands. But please be sure that through every step we took, we were determined not to compromise even with the slightest detail because we want to give the best we have to an audience that only deserves the best.

Second , after we produced the album completely we made a deal with Universal Music Mena to distribute the album worldwide. They had nothing to do with the production and they did not interfere with our music nor our content whatsoever. They simply received a fully produced album to distribute. That was a great step for us to spread our music all over the world. We hope you will be happy for us and for this accomplishment which proves that your contribution paid off and is a great success to all of us.


Finally we would like to announce the date of release for the full album on 9 September 2016. 
Till then stay tuned.

Thank you for making it happe


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