JorZine - The Hourglass - Decided to disband, Final track released

The Hourglass - Decided to disband, Final track released


The Hourglass is a heavy metal band from Syria. formed in 2003. released 3 albums and two singles. Disbanded in 2016. Before leaving the scene the band decided to release his final track and here is the band statment about it.

The final song of The Hourglass, A Glorious Suicide. Once again, featuring Zak Stevens Circle II Circle of Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Also featuring Marcela Bovio of Stream of Passion. I worte this song about the Canaanite Phoenician Queen Elissa. you can ckeck the single by clicking here.

I'm really happy with end result, this song was supposed to be a single in an upcoming album which was supposed to be dealing with ancient Canaanite mythology, (mythology of Natural Syria/The Levant)


It makes me feel proud to work again with a legend like Zak and a great voice like Marcela, I guess its a great ending for the band. So this is the last day of the 13 years life of The Hourglass, even when the war is over I don't think The Hourglass will be back again.

I would like to thank Zak and Marcela, Omar for doing the Bass and helping with mixing, Tarek of Wasaya for doin the Synth solos, Adel ofAmbrotype for co-writing the song, Majed and Muneer for doing this great video, Drummer Aram Kalousdian and Bassem of Blaakyum for the friendship and musicianship along the years, and all those who contributed to the band since 2003, and the zines that covered us before like, Metal Hammer Metal Hammer JorZine The Metal Observer Rock Era Magazine Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives Metallian Humanitarian Bazaar . and many thanks for all the fans who supported us all along.


the first song to be produced by my studio RAM Studio, Aram uses SABIAN Tama Drums, I use Amorite GuitarsMesa Boogie TC Electronic Strymon Ibanez Guitars DiMarzio Spectrasonics

hope u'll like it

- Rawad A. Massih


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