JorZine - METAL MANIA - Take a place in Amman

METAL MANIA - Take a place in Amman


As part of JoScene promise to get the scene in Jordan back on its feet, the event management company announced “METAL MANIA” concert, September 23 Featuring Exile, Ebrazus, Unveiling the Abhorrent at the Rainbow Theatre. For more information you check the event page by clicking HERE.




The first band EXILE was founded by guitarist Nader back in 2008, when he brought the members to jamming sessions to play together, then they decided to come up with their own music that is influenced by the old school masters back in the 80's. Because they all knew that the 80’s were the golden era for metal music, precisely; thrashes metal music.


The three thrash maniacs continued playing together and recorded their first demo album at Tayyem's basement with SymphoQueen Production. The demo is entitled “Death Thrashers Rising” which is a name that depicts their passion to old school thrash metal.


The Demo album “Dead Thrashers Rising” was released in January, 2010. Following that and Due to personal issues Hasan Al-Dalleh (bass guitar) left the band, thus recruiting Ibrahim Khatib to handle bass guitar duties


Exile's music is based on aggressive riffs that should be as fast as the old Thrash Metal was. In an attempt to revive the spirit of 80's metal.


The second band on the lineup for the evening is going to be Ebrazus, the new born band which founded in the beginning of 2016 have a fine lineup to start up a very well band; the touch on their riffs are heavy/thrash/groove metal mainly you can here how much Lamb of god between the band vision; vocalist: Kareem Kelani, lead guitarist: Qusai Jamous, rhythm guitarist: Saleem Marmash, bassist: Saif Nasser, drummer: Taher kashlan.


For the fans of brutal death metal here is one of finest new gifts, Unveiling the Abhorrent is a brutal death metal band from Jordan, it was found by the bands guitarists Hussain and Mahmoud in early 2015 and later joined by Adnan rawashdeh (drummer) and Ayman bushnaq (vocals) and Seif Nasser (bass).


METAL MANIA is powered/sponsored by: “J'aime Studios جام”, “JorZine Magazine


For general inquiries:

Muhammad Jaber

+971 5666 911 92


For more info feel free to call below numbers:

Ali Al Fares: 0799640493

Rakan Hiasat: 0798168117


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