JorZine - El MORABBA3 - Announce Live Show, New Song Online

El MORABBA3 - Announce Live Show, New Song Online


Jordanian duo El Morabba3, who created some of the most raucously inventive and goofy electronic/Post Rock music; will return with their second studio album in titled “Taraf Al khait”.



“Taking in liquid techno, continental torch songs and myriad gleaming points in between, El Morabba3 is unmistakably the sound of Mohammad Abdallah and Odai Shawagfeh gleefully working at the top of their game, with an amazing touch from Dirar Shawagfeh on the drum lines.


But more excitingly for fans of the ‘Oh Yeah’ innovators, El Morabba3 has also announced live show on August 29 At the Corner Pub-Amman/Jordan.


"El Morabba3 to us is the window in which we see things we want to express...being from a region that had seen a lot and still does every day. This window serves as our escape and our return all together" - El Morabba3


Tickets for the show are on sale Door you can check the event by clicking HERE. Listen to the new song by clicking HERE.


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