JorZine - STARTUP BAND - Competition And Final Concert Details Announced

STARTUP BAND - Competition And Final Concert Details Announced


As we reported before an interoduction to STARTUP BAND, Today we gonna talk more about it. After receiving more than 150 applications from singers and musicians from all over Jordan, Startup Band Amman 2016 announced the 55 lucky ones who were selected to join it’s intensive bootcamp and take part in it’s competition. The selection process was extremely tough and the judges had to let go of many talented individuals and some really beautiful voices as the competition cannot accommodate to include all the talents. When selecting the participants, judges took into consideration the following: skill, talent, style, potential, experience and charisma. Applicants were given a score from 10 based on the previously mentioned criteria. The selection was made with the goal to include all different styles of musicians and singers to keep the spirit of Startup Band which is inclusive to all, you can check the event lineup below:

Vocals: Yara Jabr, Adnan Kiwan, Taghreed Al Rantisi, Maram Saeed, Abdelrahman Salem, Khalid Al Nwairan, Rafat Al Naerat, Samer Batbouta


Electric Guitar: Samer Al Karmi, Nader Natsheh, Karam Almusty, Tariq Al Shalabi, Ayman Al Maaraf, Ahmad Saffarini, Ahmad Alikaj, Kareem Mihyar


Acoustic/Classic Guitar: Zaid Sajdi, Nasir Al Bashir, Khalid Attiyat, Zaid Al Zaghal, Jafaar Abbadi, Sawsan Abu Doush, Bakij Ivan, Mousa Himmo


Bass Guitar: Adam Lebzo, Hasan Qayet, Saif Nasser, Yazan Khalifeh, Mohammad Darras, Abdullah Amin


Midi/Piano/Keyboard: Abdullah Al Dahhan, Hanine El Lama, Zaid Owies, Husam Sharu


Violin: Islam Jaran, Bashar Hamoudeh, Obada Qatanani


Percussion: Abdullah Maani, Amro Malhas, Ghaleb Basha,r Abdullah Ghannam, Mazen Lallo, Sami Haddad, Saif Abu Hamdan, Zaid Faouri, Qais Nu’man, Victor Bahdousheh, Rami Mazahreh


Oud: Saeed Moughrabi, Abdulrahman Hammad


Accordion: Qased Othman


Saz: Mohammad Al Qatanani


Saxophone: Tareq Al Bubu


Rap: Suhaib Gharaibeh.


More details about the event, The show includes a special closing performance by Mahmoud Radaideh of JadaL 

For more information click here.

Location: King Hussein Business Park, Main Auditorium 

Time: Doors open at 6 pm

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