JorZine - JADAL - Third Album Launch concert Announced

JADAL - Third Album Launch concert Announced


The Jordanian Arabic Rock band JADAL has revealed the details about their next anticipated live performance in Amman, Jordan, where they will be releasing their new album "Malyoun". The stage will be shared with Acts Random House ( البيت العشوائي )Amer Altaher and Ahmad Farah. Pre-Order Malyoun‬ Now itunes or bandcamp, get exclusive release and receive the album before the official release date.



The event will take place on July 28th, at the Amman's Citadel. For more information about the event check HERE


JADAL is an Alternative/Arabic Rock band located in Amman, Jordan. The band has been active for almost 13 years, with 3 studio albums, several music videos, and numerous national and international shows. The band has performed in Jordan more than time before. JADAL became the first Rock band in Jordan to perform with in many countries around the the world. When JadaL released their first single ‘El Tobah’ (Repentance), a cover of Abdul Halim Hafez’s legendary love song, their musical style, coined as Arabic Rock, was described as ‘groundbreaking’ due to its unique blend of rock and Arabic, or more specifically Jordanian. Jadal is one of the most active bands in Jordan Specifically with a good histroy like playing in many festivals like; Jara Music Festival (2009), Jordan Festival (2009)Jordan Festival (2010), Turkish Vision Festival (2010)Bethlehem Festival (2013/2014), Dum Tak festival (2013), Carhthage Music Festival JMC (Tunis 2016), L’ Boulevard Festival (Morocco 2015) London Sound Festival (Cairo 2015) and many more across the world.



 Also doors open at 7:00 pm


You can take a taste of the band’s work OVER HERE.


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