JorZine - ULVER - Announce New Album, Sample Online

ULVER - Announce New Album, Sample Online


Ulver have just revealed many details regarding their new release. Titled ATGCLVLSSCAP, this release consists of 12 tracks over 80-minutes with music sourced from 12 live performances the band played in 2014. The result is a new collection of songs spawned from familiar origins. To get an idea, you can stream the new "Moody Stix" here borne from a performance of the nearly 15 years old "Doom Stix" from the A Quick Fix Of Melancholy EP in 2003 and another excerpt below as well. 

Look out for ATGCLVLSSCAP via House of Mythology on January 22nd, 2016.

The new Ulver gatefold double album vinyl (also­ available on CD) features over 80 minutes worth of material. This album consists of multitracked and studio-enhanced live, mostly improvisational, rock and electronic soundscapes, 2/3 of which has never been heard before. The basis for the album - which the band has been working with under the moniker '12' - arrives from recordings made at twelve different live shows that the band performed in February 2014, in which the band vaulted into the deep end of an improvisatory approach to their performance. 




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