JorZine - VIN SINNERS - New Album Details Revealed

VIN SINNERS - New Album Details Revealed


Dubai based rockers VIN SINNERS have revealed the details of their upcoming album titled “Resurrection”, which will be out in early 2016. The album will be released through Universal Music India label, which they were signed to in February 2014. Gladly we won’t have to wait that long to get a taste of the album, as they will be releasing one track titled “No More” from the record during this month.


Vin Nair, the band's lead vocalist, commented about the new record: “It has been a very up and down 18 months for us both individually and collectively since the release of 'A Mighty Black Box'. We took some time out to think about why we were all really doing this and I guess we found enough of good reasons to keep going”.





01. Resurrection
02. No More
03. Hell on the Loose
04. Bitter Sweet
05. Don't Push Me
06. Captain's Dream
07. Saddled with the Memories (That Don't Let Me Fly)
08. Life off the line
09. Rebel World
10. Hail Ya Sinners III (Aftermath)



VIN SINNERS was born in 2010 in Dubai, and has released two albums so far: "An Element of Surprise" in 2011 and "A Mighty Black Box" in 2014. The band consists of Big Daddy Vin on vocals, Tazz Khan and Skinny V on guitars, Johan Roy on bass and 'Diablo' Don on drums.


The band's debut album "An Element of Surprise" is available for streaming and free download clicking HERE


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