JorZine - TOOL - Update On New Album, Tease New Song Live

TOOL - Update On New Album, Tease New Song Live


Here we go again with the TOOL updates, some might think, but... according to an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, it looks as if the guys in TOOL are optimistic regarding the completion of their still untitled fifth studio album.

At least if you are to believe (guitarist) Adam Jones, who says: "Things are really flowing and going really well, and I'm just blown away at the stuff that's coming together. [...] I'd love to tour more. It's my favorite part about playing. But we do need to get back to the writing and get that record done, get some lyrics on it and make it really good. And then we can tour more [laughs]."

Other interesting things mentioned in the interview are that the band has gone up (from 10) to 20 different song ideas. Jones comments that: "20 won't be on the record. We're just jamming. But I'll tell you, there's nothing better than having too many good songs then not enough." He then goes on to say that there are even some lyrics written by (singer) M.J. Keenan but that everybody in the band finds it best to write the lyrics after the song is fully composed.




As always, we should take any news about a new TOOL album with a truckload of salt, but with the energy-draining multi-million dollar lawsuit finally over, we can at least expect the album appearing sooner rather than later.

Last but not least, check out a teaser of a song called "Descending," to be featured in full on the upcoming TOOL album. It is shortened from 13-14 minutes down to about 4 minutes. Adam Jones comments: "Yeah, the song's amazing. It's one of those things, too, where we're playing this 'movie trailer' version of it and we just want to go into the main part of it. The main part's the best part, I think, but we just don't want to give that away yet





So all hope might not be lost for TOOL fans around the world. Stay tuned! But first, listen to the 4 minutes of new TOOL music.









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