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GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT - Join Napalm Records


GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT hailing from Glen of the Downs, Ireland, just announced their worldwide signing with Napalm Records! Helios/Erebus is their latest musical creation, released this year, but they will also soon begin working on new songs for their next record.

Here is what Torsten Kinsella has to say about their upcoming plans with Napalm Records: "We are happy to announce that we have signed with Napalm Records. This will help our music to reach a much larger audience worldwide. We will have another busy year of touring in 2016 with our first shows taking place in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in February and a US tour planned for September 2016... We will also begin working in the studio on new songs for our next album."

Sebastian Muench - A&R Napalm Records adds: "Napalm Records is proud and honored to welcome GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT to the Napalm family. Anybody who has had the pleasure of seeing the Irish Post Rock/Space Rock band live will understand the brilliant extraterrestrial experience of a GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT concert. All of the previously released albums are true masterpieces and true treasures to any CD or LP collection!"



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