JorZine - AGALLOCH - New Song Available For Streaming

AGALLOCH - New Song Available For Streaming


American folk metallers Agalloch have made their new Cisco 650-752 song "Faustian Echoes" available for streaming online at their Bandcamp page. The entire 21-minute epic track is the longest song ever written by the band and will be featured on their Cisco 70-410 new EP titled Faustian Echoes, consisting of the one song, released through the band's own imprint, Dammerung Arts. Cisco 000-016

The EP will be available as a digital download at the Cisco 000-017 Bandcamp site and the LP and CD versions will only be available at the Cisco 000-018 shows during the dates on their North American tour (July 11th - August 11th) and will be available via mailorder after the tour.350-001 exam dumps


12.07.2012 - USA, Seattle, WA

13.07.2012 - CAN, Vancouver, BC

20.07.2012 - USA, Chicago, IL

22.07.2012 - USA, Cleveland, OH

23.07.2012 - CAN, Toronto, ON

25.07.2012 - USA, Cambridge, MA

26.07.2012 - USA, Brooklyn, NY

01.08.2012 - USA, Atlanta, GA

03.08.2012 - USA, New Orleans, LA

05.08.2012 - USA, Austin, TX

09.08.2012 - USA, San Diego, CA

11.08.2012 - USA, San Francisco, CA  

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