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Dubai based Black/Death Metallers TSVET REPTILIA have just released their debut EP "Nomen Mihi Legio Est, Quia Multi Sumus". The EP has been released on digital format only, and it will be later issued in physical copies too. The EP was mixed and mastered by Vineet Mohandas.


You can stream "Nomen Mihi Legio Est, Quia Multi Sumus" by clicking HERE





1. Diseased Messiah
2. Bleeding the Saint
3. Epidemic Perversion
4. Revel in Oblivion



TSVET REPTILIA consists of Shams on vocals, Fenrisulfr and Savio Dsouza on guitars, Omar on bass and Rippon Madtha on drums. The band started around 2002 with Ravan (guitars), Obscurus (drums), Angst (Bass), and went through some hardships with several session members for vocals. The band had several underground gigs under a pseudo name known as BELETH. After that the band became inactive for some time. At the end of 2009, Ravan met Thrash/Death Metal guitarist Savio to create a Black/Death Metal band. The band went to perform their first official gig at Annihilation Gig III during the beginning of 2010 with longtime friends Naga Yaka (bass), Amon (vocals) and Ratish (drummer).


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