JorZine - THE CROWN OF YAMHAD - New Album Online

THE CROWN OF YAMHAD - New Album Online


The Germany-based Syrian/Italian Symphonic Folk Metal band THE CROWN OF YAMHAD has just released its debut album titled "The Ghost Of Zanoubia", a nine-track album that features a mixture between Oriental influences and Symphonic Metal music.


"The Ghost Of Zanoubia" is available for streaming clicking HERE





1. Rebirth (Instrumental)
2. The Violet
3. Cantankerous (Instrumental)
4. The Ghost Of Zanoubia
5. The Concubine's Rhythm دقّة ستّي (Instrumental)
6. Lu Rosciu De Lu Mari
7. The Defunks
8. The Recall (Outro)
9. Three Points (Bonus Instramental)



THE CROWN OF YAMHAD was founded in Berlin a while back by Wael Yakti (guitars, bass, keys, drum programming), featuring members from Syria and Italy as Fiammetta on vocals, Muhammad Shehadeh on oud and Sarah on violin.


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