JorZine - ABORTED - Concert In Dubai Cancelled, Replacement Band Announced

ABORTED - Concert In Dubai Cancelled, Replacement Band Announced


Belgian Death metallers ABORTED have been forced to cancel their upcoming concert in Dubai, UAE. The band was going to take place on 30th November at The Music Room. Due to complaints about the band's lyrics, themes and videos, the government decided to force the promoter to cancel their performance. Despite the cancellation, the concert will still take place without them, featuring the already announced bands SVENGALI and COAT OF ARMS, as well as the latest addition to the event's line up: the local Metal band VERDICT


More information about the event is available clicking HERE



The band posted the following statement on its Facebook Page: "Dear fans in Dubai, it is with great sadness we have to announce that our show on halloween is cancelled. We received notice from the promoter today that an angry parent had written the authorities about us performing and being appalled by our lyrics/themes/videos and the government decided to force the promoter to cancel and prosecute them.


Flights were booked, everything was arranged by both the promoter and us, and we are in 2015, it saddens us that these kind of practices still happen and people can not seem to understand that this music genre is about release and especially for a band like us, about fun, sure, delicious gory fun, but we all know how to take Death Metal lyrics, right?


We are all brothers and friends in the same cause here, and that is music, music is theone thing that binds all of us worldwide, race, gender or religion aside. We had a great time in Egypt, we have played Israel several times, Indonesia and so many places where different cultures meet and it has never been an issue. Hopefully no other bands have to deal with this type of situation anymore and our support goes out to the promoters and fans over there.


This is a small piece from the angry letter which was sent to the government: 'The band called ABORTED and they are from Belgium, apparently they play Extreme Death Metal, I am open to all kind of Music even Heavy Metal but this band was much more extreme, I went through there lyrics and their videos and they were nothing but disturbing, their lyrics promoting disgusting ideas like sex with god's, same sex, force sex and rape, sex with kids, anal sex and other horrible similar subjects.


I couldn't believe that someone could invite such a band to our country, our culture and traditions never supported such ideas and we should keep it this way, my son will go no where near that filthy party.'"


On the other hand, the organisation has posted another statement about the cancellation: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is with great regret we inform everyone that ABORTED will no longer be performing the Halloween show on October 30th, at the Music Room. We are as upset with this news as all of you are, however the decision is completely out of our control. We have exhausted every possibility to prevent this outcome but have no other option. The event will still be taking place with another local band VERDICT being added to the lineup.


Early bird ticket holders and the ticket prices have been revised, with tickets costing 75 AED. We understand this is a repeat situation of the VADER show that happened last March! Although this issue will cause financial loss, we assure everyone that we will continue to support the local scene and organize shows to our utmost ability. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to anyone."



Unfortulately, this is not the first time something like that happens in the country. Apart from SAXON's banned performance in Dubai Desert Rock Fest 2006 due to controversy over its song "Crusader", earlier this year, the Polish Metal band VADER was banned from performing in the UAE


It is sad that the UAE Metal scene, which was once dubbed as the most important one in the whole Middle East region, is currently facing the same problems which have prevented its neighbouring countries to be part of the international Metal tours circuit.


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