JorZine - BENIGHTED - Guitarist Leaves The Band, Announce Replacement

BENIGHTED - Guitarist Leaves The Band, Announce Replacement


French death metal outfit Benighted has broken the news about the departure of guitarist Liem "Litchy" N'Guyen. The band released the following statement on their official Facebook page: "Sad news for Benighted. We have to announce that our guitarist Liem N'Guyen is leaving the band, after 14 years of pure friendship and brutal shows."


"We wish all the best to him and his family and he'll always be like a brother to us! He will be from now on officially replaced by Adrien Guerin, our drummer Kevin's best friend. Adrien plays in bands like Doorsfall, F Stands For Fuck You and Keirda 2.0. He's already been playing with Benighted as a live member during the European tour with Morbid Angel. We can't wait to start the writing process with Adrien on board."


Source: metalstorm.


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