JorZine - CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - Sign With Season Of Mist, Debut New Song

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - Sign With Season Of Mist, Debut New Song


CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, the band founded by multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves, has signed a worldwide deal with Season Of Mist. The new label will release their upcoming mini-album, New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D., scheduled to be out in November 27th. Today, you can hear the first single "Spider Island" at this location as a foretaste. It's a 5-minute song. Moreover, the group will be touring in Europe in November/December.

Justin states: "Our New Dark Age tour EP represents a new chapter in the Crippled Black Phoenix history. I feel like it is time to be truly free of industry and personal bullshit. It also connects what we have gone through as a band with what is going on in the big wide world. It really feels as if we are living in a new 'dark age'. Religious and political oppression, the population being fed constant untruths - all of this reminds me of the priests in the middle ages telling folk about dog-headed monsters living in the woods, but if you repent and join the church, they will protect you. The song 'Spider Island' is more personal. There I mentally put all the bad people... recently there have been a few people who need to go to Spider Island and live a life of torture along with all the other scumbags, who cling to power in the world."

Season Of Mist CEO, Michael Berberian comments: "I have to admit that I am a late comer to Crippled Black Phoenix. I saw a post from Addi of Sólstafir about them. I checked out their latest album White Light Generator and was very intrigued. Then our US CEO Gordon told me that they ranked high among his favourite bands. When I heard that they were free of contract, the thought occurred to me that they could fit our roster. It was a bold move, but it made a lot of sense. I decided to drop them a line and arranged a meeting with Justin. He gave me all of their albums and I was blown away. They are the band that I have listened to most this year. What a class act. Obviously British, sometimes Pink Floyd-ish, graphically different, not metal - but the roots are there, and very genuine without being snobby. They play in a league on their own - in a genre that I would venture to dub dark rock and fill with acts such as Sólstafir, Alcest, Subrosa, Killing Joke, and Fields Of The Nephilim. This is where a part of the metal scene is going to right now - and definitely a path that I want Season Of Mist to tread on. Welcome Crippled Black Phoenix! It does not happen often that I am considering a new band on our roster as a sign of things to come."





01. Spider Island
02. New Dark Age
03. Echoes PT. 1 [Pink Floyd cover]
04. Echoes PT. 2 [Pink Floyd cover]







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