JorZine - EULEN - Track From New Album Online

EULEN - Track From New Album Online


The Syrian Post Metal band EULEN has released the track “Argumentative Philosophy”, the first single of their upcoming album "Names to the Sun". Unfortunately this could be the only track we would ever hear from this album, as they announced earlier that due to electrical and technical problems, the whole data of the album was irreversibly lost. The album's cover artwork, which was designed by Abdulsalam Ajaj from Elysian Art, can be seen as follows.


You can listen to a rough studio version of "Argumentative Philosophy" clicking HERE



EULEN has released the following statement concerning this incident: “Dear Owlers, we regret to inform you that we have, unfortunately, lost the digital projects and the entirety of our announced album "Names to the Sun" in a series of unexpected events, unmatched in effect on all our -the band members'- lives. The guitar work, drums, and keyboards were recorded, lacking only bass tracks, vocals, mixing, mastering, and overall polishing. These things were, regrettably, not accomplished due to the terrible events of Syria, and the lack of sufficient electricity; fleeing the country; general lack of security; and lastly, the lack of funding for not only the album, but also for the essentials of life. The projects were saved on an external hard disk, which, due to an electric shortage, was wiped clean of all data, rendering it empty and completely useless. No material could be salvaged from it. The album was irrevocably lost.”


EULEN was founded back in 2009 in Syria under the name POLTERGEIST as a collaboration between Fadi and Seth. The band went through different musical genres as Post, Doom and Black metal with some acoustic and symphonic influences, until the release of the 3-track single from 2012 "Morning Blood Requiem", and then they began to focus on the Post Metal side of the music.



Their debut full length album “Mother Tree” was released in 2011 and is available for free download HERE


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