JorZine - ACROSS THE WAVES - Single From New Album Online

ACROSS THE WAVES - Single From New Album Online


As a "thank you!" gift, the Iranian Post Rock band ACROSS THE WAVES has released a single from its upcoming album titled "Down Into The Muck". The album, as yet untitled, is set to be released by the end of 2015. The new album will follow up the band's effort from 2012 titled "War Ends, Misery Stays".


You can listen to "Down Into The Muck" clicking HERE



A few days ago, the band expressed their gratitude through a Facebook post along with a simple album art for the single, expressing also how long their loyal fans had to endure patiently until finally they have a glimpse of what's to come through the nine minute track they posted less than a day ago:


"First of all, we would like to thank you for all the kindness that you always showed and will show us in the future. We will take this opportunity to formally thank you for all the assistance, messages, and positive energies which we always received from you.


Our album is almost done and we are trying really hard to put an end to this process till the end of this year, but as you are all aware, the difficulties of the independent Iranian bands is always so much more than the other’s and of course it will be…; That’s why we owe you an apology for not being so faithful to our promises and we hope from now on that things goes smoothly.


And that’s the reason why we decided to release a single from our upcoming album to recovery all this unfaithfulness's. This track, “Down Into The Muck”, will be released till the end of this week. We hope to be successful in attracting your opinion. You will do us a favor if you share our work and help us to be heard."


The band's previous album "War Ends, Misery Stays" is available for streaming and free downloading clicking HERE


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