JorZine - ABORTED - Danny Tunker Quits The Band

ABORTED - Danny Tunker Quits The Band


ABORTED have lost one of their guitarists, Danny Tunker, who has quit the band. There is no bad blood and Danny wants to pursue a different path in life. However, he will continue in ALKALOID and different ventures as well. The Belgian brutal death metallers are working on a new album and will try out candidates in the next few weeks for the spot.

Here is the band's statement: "So sometimes there's good news and sometimes there's not so good news. Today is one of the not so good news days. After three amazing years guitarist Danny Tunker decided he needed to step back from the band and pursue a different path in life. Combining a normal life and day job became too stressful to combine with our heavy schedule and even if we are sad to see him go, we completely understand his decision and support him in doing what makes him happy in life. We had 3 great years with Danny and we all felt like a big family so we ask you all to show respect towards both Danny, his decision and the band, there is no bad blood, there is no need for any drama or gossip."

"We will be trying out several candidates in the next few weeks and fear not, none of the shows will be cancelled. We are working hard on the next full-length album and we have another surprise to be unleashed before the end of the year. So even if this something we didn't want to happen, things go on and we intend to keep giving 200% for all you guys out there and wish Danny all the best with his new endeavours."



Danny Tunker had the following to say: "After a lot of soul searching for the past few months I've decided to part ways with ABORTED. It's been a hell of a ride and I want to thank to guys for all the good, bad and in between times. There's no bad blood and I wish the band all the best, but I needed a change. I will still play the shows in Cairo and Tel Aviv and then on to different ventures (several of which I'm working on right now). And of course continue/expand my involvement with ALKALOID. So, once again, thanks to the band and everyone who made the past 3+ years completely unforgettable."






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