JorZine - HELLSAW - Going On Indefinite Break

HELLSAW - Going On Indefinite Break


Bad news for fans of Austrian black metallers Hellsaw. The band announced their intention to take an indefinite break from all activities. All scheduled tours and appearances during 2012/13 have been cancelled.


Citing "personal reasons" for the decision, frontman and founder Aries had this to say: "We may be back, or we may be back as something entirely different, but whatever happens in the future we would just like to thank all the fans who have shown us such phenomenal support and all the people who have worked with us to make Hellsaw what it is today."


The following press release was also issued about the band's history: "Formed in 2002 by Aries, and then-drummer Svart, Hellsaw's current lineup includes Aries on vocals, Malthus and Isiul on guitars, Desderoth on bass and Neuroticon on drums. With five full-length albums under their belt, Hellsaw are one of the leading Black Metal bands to emerge from Austria in recent years. The band's use of instantly recognizable melodies which stay firmly in your memory, coupled with a respect and understanding of what it really takes to make a good Black Metal band created a sound that was unmistakably Hellsaw and culminated in the release of their fifth album Trist earlier this year on Napalm Records. More information about Hellsaw can be found at this location."


Source: metalstorm. 


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