JorZine - COMPIL MAROCK #1 - Moroccan Rock / Metal Compilation Album Online

COMPIL MAROCK #1 - Moroccan Rock / Metal Compilation Album Online


In an attempt to grab the spotlight over the Moroccan music scene in whole, the Metal blog Tricinty has released a compilation album of the best Moroccan Rock/Metal. Under the title "Compil MaRock #1", Tricinty has put together 15 bands from Indie Rock to Black Metal through Hardcore or Punk. The objective of this compilation is to encourage the efforts made by some bands that have struggled to leave a trace of their journeys by producing LPs, EPs, or singles.


You can listen to "Compil MaRock #1" clicking HERE



According to Tricinty team, "After observing for years the development of the Rock / Metal Moroccan scene and discussed with artists, releasing a compilation has become a necessity. [...] The selection process was very laborious because it's impossible to be exhaustive, so if you cannot find one of your most celebrated songs, you should know that we have been extremely diligent to make sure that all fans of powerful music [...] can find what they are looking for".


This digital compilation will be followed up by a physical edition made in DIY style. The proceeds from the album and the merchandising will be used to release a second volume and develop other projects very soon.


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