JorZine - NUNSLAUUGHTER - Drummer Suffers Stroke, Crowdfund Campaign Launched

NUNSLAUUGHTER - Drummer Suffers Stroke, Crowdfund Campaign Launched


The drummer of the very prolific NUNSLAUUGHTER, Jim "Sadist" Konya, has recently suffered a stroke while he was at work and was admitted to the hospital. A crowdfunding campaign was also launched to help Konya pay for his future medical bills. The campaign doubled its goal in less than 24 hours and is still active here. According to the recent updates on NUNSLAUUGHTER's Facebook page, Konya is in stable condition and is making progress in his recovery. Follow the band's Facebook for updates on his recovery.

 NUNSLAUUGHTER'slabel Hells Headbangers Records provided a compilation digital release for the crowdfunding campaign. They explained: "Jim's the most generous person we know and was a massive inspiration during the formative years of Hells Headbangers. Not only did he take us under his metal wing and teach us how to get an LP made, he introduced us to many great bands over the years and continues to stand by us 110% to this day. His death/thrash band The Spawn Of Satan was the very first to sign to Hells Headbangers long before we made any footprint on the metal map and without him, we may of never released a single NUNSLAUUGHTER record or have even become a record label for that matter."









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