JorZine - ARAMAIC - Maat's Drummer Hendrik 'Tempest' Joins The Band

ARAMAIC - Maat's Drummer Hendrik 'Tempest' Joins The Band


The UAE-based Oriental Doom/Death Metal band ARAMAIC has finally ended their long search for a drummer, and revealed the recruitment of Hendrik “Tempest” Wodynski from the German Death Metal band MAAT, who will be the fifth member of the group.


Hendrik was Born in October ‘86 in the eastern part of Berlin, and started playing the drums since a young age, growing a passion towards extreme music, and it wasn’t long before he joined his first band PANZERGLAS and many other small projects, before he joined the Death Metal band MAAT in 2010. In 2014 his band released its first album ‘As We Create The Hope From Above’, which gained them a lot of attention and the opportunity to tour with many major bands.


You can check out what to expect from Hendrik "Tempest" with ARAMAIC clicking HERE



ARAMAIC was founded back in 2010 in the UAE as collaboration between Michael Al Asmar (bass) And Fadi Al Shami (Guitars), before being joined by Serge Lutfi on harsh vocals And Ahmad Rammal on Guitars too, to start working on their first material. In 2014 ARAMAIC released its first EP "The Fallen" before releasing later that year the single track "The King", which will be part from the band's upcoming album.


You can listen to both releases on the band's BandCamp Page


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