JorZine - ENRAGED - Track From Upcoming EP Online

ENRAGED - Track From Upcoming EP Online


Egyptian metallers ENRAGED have finally released “Mirrors”, the first track from their awaited upcoming EPJahr”. The EP was supposed to be released on last 16th August, but due to some technical obstacles it was postponed to a date yet to be announced, but we finally have the first taste of the new EP in our hands. The track was recorded and mixed by Yusef Ahmed in Vibe Studios, Egypt and mastered by Sage Studio.


You can check the track and its lyrics HERE



"Jahr" continues the story of the last EP about a visionary who foresees the downfall of society touching on themes such as spirituality, political conflict and personal struggles, where we see in the new EP his visions develop into indifference and insanity.


ENRAGED have released earlier the artwork for "Jahr", which was developed by Jan Yurlnd from Darkgrove Studios, making it their second collaboration after their last EP "Jeremiad", that was released last year. The artwork can be seen above.


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