JorZine - RIVERSIDE - New Video Launched

RIVERSIDE - New Video Launched


As you may have noticed, progressive metal innovators RIVERSIDE have just released their new album today worldwide. To celebrate the release of Love, Fear And The Time Machine, the Polish unit has also released a new promo video for the album's closing track "Found (The Unexpected Flaw Of Searching)", directed and produced by Tomasz Pulsakowski of Sightsphere who also created the three previously released trailers. Enjoy the video and the new album as well




Vocalist and bassist Mariusz Duda had this to say: "I think that we have redefined our style on our new album and thanks to that 'playing prog' doesn't have to mean what some people think it means. We have always been more focused on the overall atmosphere of the album, on melodies and space, rather than on technical variations and rhythmic acrobatics, we have also always tried to combine different genres and styles, and our new release is another perfect example of that. I don't know if it's our best album but it's definitely the most melodious and with the greatest amount of bass guitar (laugh)."




01. Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By A Hat?)
02. Under The Pillow
03. #Addicted
04. Caterpillar And The Barbed Wire
05. Saturate Me
06. Afloat
07. Discard Your Fear
08. Towards The Blue Horizon
09. Time Travellers
10. Found (The Unexpected Flaw Of Searching)







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