JorZine - RAS AL GHUL - Debut EP Online

RAS AL GHUL - Debut EP Online


Dubai-based Heavy metallers RAS AL GHUL have set their debut self-titled EP for streaming. Influenced by bands like BLACK SABBATH, METALLICA, THE SEX PISTOLS and others, the band's sound and style is focused on retaining the rawness and energy of Rock and early Metal.


You can listen to "Ras Al Ghul EP" on its entirety clicking HERE





1. What She Said
2. Bewildered In The Womb
3. Catching Stars (Ode of a Syrian refugee)



RAS AL GHUL was founded in 2014 by Rashwan Zaza and Bibars Nakhesh, both of them members of Dubai's Punk Rock band FIGHTING SUPERHEROES. Despite not having released any album, the band participated in "Inside Looking Out" compilation, a benefit album featuring Punk and Hardcore bands from all over the Middle East and Northern Africa. More information about it is available clicking HERE


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