JorZine - MOTORHEAD - Lemmy Stops Texas Show After Three Songs

MOTORHEAD - Lemmy Stops Texas Show After Three Songs


It happened again. After their Utah show being stopped after a few songs, MOTORHEAD's legendary frontman Lemmy Kilmister stopped the band's show in Austin, Texas last night again and admitted: "I can't do it." MOTORHEAD had already cancelled their Riot Fest in Denver as well due to continued health issues of Lemmy Kilmister. At this point, it's fair to ask if it's healthy for Lemmy to even be playing live if he is not well. So far, things have not been going so well on their North American tour in support of Bad Magic.

They managed to deliver three tracks before the 69-year-old introduced their track "Metropolis", but then told the crowd he couldn't continue, and led his bandmates off stage at Emo's in Austin, according to reports. He then returned moments later and apologized to a disappointed but supportive audience.










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