JorZine - CHAINED REACTION - New Song In Support Of 'You Stink' Movement

CHAINED REACTION - New Song In Support Of 'You Stink' Movement


The Lebanese Rock band CHAINED REACTION has shot a video for its new song titled "Tol3it Rihitkoum" ["You Stink" in Arabic]. The song is an adaptation of the famous song "We're Not Gonna Take It" from the North American Hard Rock band TWISTED SISTER. "Tol3it Rihitkoum" has been recorded in support of the protests that are currently taking place in Lebanon under the banner of the "You Stink" popular movement. More information about the movement is available HERE


You can watch "Tol3it Rihitkoum" video clicking HERE



CHAINED REACTION is a Lebanese Rock band formed in 2012. The band underwent many line-up changes till early 2014 when the formation was final and thus started the band’s journey. What was once known as a cover band is now adding to their large and diverse repertoire their own music, while maintaining the same musical direction in Rock and Hard Rock.


CHAINED REACTION is well known for their energetic performances along with a high level of musicianship, making them one of the best live bands in the scene. The band is getting overwhelming feedbacks while performing their own songs live and Rock fans seem to enjoy their qualities. As a result, the group is working on a debut album that will bear a signature sound with all the elements of a real and raw Rock n’ Roll band.


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