JorZine - TAD MOROSE - New Album Streaming Online

TAD MOROSE - New Album Streaming Online


If you are a fan of progressive and power metal, you should listen to TAD MOROSE's new album. The Swedish band has recently shared St. Demonius (their second on Swedish label Despotz Records) in its entirety online. Give it a spin or a few aT Decibel Magazine and give us your thoughts about it. The record is already available in a store near you.






01. Bow To The Reaper's Blade
02. Forlorn
03. Where Ignorance Reigns
04. Remain
05. Black Fire Rising
06. Day Of Reckoning
07. The Shadows Play
08. Darkness Prevail
09. Fear Subside
10. Dream Of Memories
11. The World Is Growing Old
12. Your Own Demise







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