JorZine - SKYHARBOR - Release New Single

SKYHARBOR - Release New Single


SKYHARBOR have shared new music online and the fans appreciate it. Whoever is eager to listen to the follow-up to their excellent second album Guiding Lights now has something to enjoy before a new album arrives. The band has a new vocalist, Eric Emery, who replaces Daniel Tompkins (now fully committed to TESSERACT), and you can see how he gels with the rest of the band on their new single "Out Of Time". Enjoy the single below!








Single Artwork: Kaitlin Beckett | A Curious Bestiary

Guitarist Keshav Dhar reports that the addition of former Concordia singer Emery along with drummer Aditya Ashok has brought "a whole new perspective" to the group as they work towards a new record in early 2016.

He adds: "We're so excited to move into the future and create something special with this next album. We are exploring some unfamiliar yet exciting sounds, but staying 100% true to what makes SKYHARBOR what it is."






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