JorZine - BARONESS - Announce New Album, Share New Song

BARONESS - Announce New Album, Share New Song


Are you ready for some new BARONESS material? You'd better be! While we haven't had much news from the Savannah, Georgia band in a while, today they just announced their new and fourth album. And with it, they also released a new song just now. Their new album is called Purple (and is due out December 18th via Relapse Records). It's their first with the new rhythm section, bassist Nick Jost and drummer Sebastian Thomson and since the 2012 bus accident. Listen to the intense new tune "Chlorine & Wine" as a first taste of the record and see the cover below as well.

Here is what the band said about the new album: "We spent our time writing and refocusing our sound; we developed a deeper level of creative rapport with our new rhythm section, and tried to write a better record than we had ever imagined writing. In short, we are thrilled. We have never been as uniformly psyched-up by a record of ours as we are today."







01. Morningstar
02. Shock Me
03. Try to Disappear
04. Kerosene
05. Fugue
06. Chlorine & Wine
07. The Iron Bell
08. Desperation Burns
09. If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain)
 10. Crossroads of Infinity






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