JorZine - HAUNTED CELLAR - New EP For Streaming

HAUNTED CELLAR - New EP For Streaming


Syrian Death metallers HAUNTED CELLAR have set their new EP titled "Infernal Delusions" for streaming. The EP was due to be released on 22nd August, but due to technical problems, it had to be postponed for 2 days. The artwork was designed by the band's vocalist Waled Sandakly and represents the delusions of a man which makes his life into a living inferno.


You can listen to "Infernal Delusions" on its entirety clicking HERE




1. The Divinity Of Loneliness
2. The Way Of The Swarm
3. The Path To Oblivion
4. Haunted Cellar



The band commented about the EP: "We recorded and mixed the EP on two steps, we recorded and mixed the song "The way of the swarm" at Studiofadi with the help of producer Fadi Mistreh, then we recorded and mixed the rest with help of the band's friend Boocher Creecher MB, who helped us get back on track and finish up everything real[ly] quick, so we would like to thank him very much."


Despite the war that is currently taking place in their country, the band recently took part in "The Battle of the Bands III" as guest. The event took place in the coastal town of Lattakia, Syria on March. You can see some photos of the band performing at the event clicking HERE


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