JorZine - HATECROWNED - New Album For Streaming

HATECROWNED - New Album For Streaming


Lebanese Black metallers HATECROWNED have set their new album "Newborn Serpent" for streaming. The album, which was released a couple of days ago, was mixed and mastered at Arto of War Studios. The artwork was designed by Marek Dulowski and Ayvaal.


"Newborn Serpent" is available for streaming and online purchasing clicking HERE





01. Ominous Birth Of Serpent
02. For Scum Thou Art, And Unto Scum Shalt Thou Return
03. Infest And Conquer
04. Coronation Of The Eternal And Pure
05. Void
06. Redefining Purgatory
07. Newborn Serpent
08. Cave Of Salvation
09. Funeral Reverie
10. Wolves



According to their press release, in this album the Black Metal's atmosphere, sound, scales, and composition are always dominant, yet the band never went under restricting their music, therefore, it will be noticed that many elements have been entwined with the traditional Black Metal.


"Newborn Serpent" follows up the band's debut EP from 2013 "Warpact - In Black". It can be heard on its entirety clicking HERE


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