JorZine - CHAOSNERVE - New EP For Streaming

CHAOSNERVE - New EP For Streaming


The Turkish Modern Metal band CHAOSNERVE has finally released its debut EP "Endolight" for free streaming online. The EP was recorded at TT Productions. It has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Alper Ketenci. The artwork was designed by Semhan Aydin.


You can listen to "Endolight" in its entirety clicking HERE





1. Intro
2. Hope Dies
3. Awakening
4. For You
5. Leaving All Behind



CHAOSNERVE will hit the stage again right after the EP’s release as they will be on stage on August 16th in Dorock XL, and on August 29th at %100 Metal Fest Headbangers' Weekend, both concerts taking place in Istanbul, Turkey.


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