JorZine - ENRAGED - New EP Release Postponed

ENRAGED - New EP Release Postponed


The Egyptian Metal band ENRAGED has posted a statement declaring that the release their upcoming EP "Jahr" will be postponed until further notice. The EP was due to be released on 16th August. The band has promised to release a single from "Jahr" soon.


The band posted the following statement on its Facebook Page: “We are sorry to announce that Jahr's release will be postponed from August 16th to a date that we are yet to determine. We wanted to make sure that the quality of the record is up to professional standards and are thus investing more time with the Mastering to make sure that the work we finished with Vibe for Developing Arts is treated the best way possible. We will, however, release a single ASAP”.



A while ago ENRAGED released the artwork for "Jahr", which was developed by Darkgrove Studios, making it their second collaboration after their last EP "Jeremiad". The artwork can be seen above.


You can read JorZine's review of the band's debut EP "Jeremiad" clicking HERE


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