JorZine - SOULFLY - New Song Released

SOULFLY - New Song Released


After showcasing the new track "We Sold Our Souls to Metal" before, SOULFLY have more to offer today. They have released a lyric video for the brand new the track "Sodomites". The song comes from the band's impending 10th studio album Archangel and features Todd Jones of NAILS fame on guest vocals. Dive into the heaviness of the asphyxiating track "Sodomites" right here.




"I wrote this track about the wrath God which struck down Sodom for their sinful behavior," commented legendary frontman Max Cavalera. "I used quotes from the Old Testament in some of the lyrics. It was also really exciting to work with Todd from NAILS on this track since I'm a big fan!"

Archangel will be released on August 14th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.








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