JorZine - KHEBEZ DAWLE - New Video Launched

KHEBEZ DAWLE - New Video Launched


The Syrian alternative/post/rock band KHEBEZ DAWLE have released a new video online of thier song "Manam" which means in Arabic "The Dream" from the new album. Previously they released the album cover of the new album self-titled "Khebez Dawle". The band formed in 2012 in Damascus Syria, and now they are based in Beirut, Lebanon.


You can watch the new video here:






01. Govermental Bread

02. Q: Quuestion

03. Explanation

04. It Builds

05. A Delusion

06. Idiotic

07. Hey Dude

08. In The Street

09. Alive

10. Don't Want Anymore

11. Words for Adam's Offspring


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