JorZine - THROWN TO THE SUN - New Album Details Revealed

THROWN TO THE SUN - New Album Details Revealed


Turkish Progressive Death metallers THROWN TO THE SUN have revealed some details from their upcoming album titled "House of Rest". The new album, which will be released on August, follows up the band's sophomore full length from 2014 titled "Out of Themselves Things Will Come". The artwork has been designed by Tayfun Gülnar and can be seen below.





1. Chasing the Clouds
2. Mara
3. Snowmelt
4. Four Million Wings
5. Monarch
6. Rainless Blue
7. House of Rest



As we previously reported, the band will participate in this year's edition of %100 METAL FEST - HEADBANGERS' WEEKEND, which will take place on 29th 30th and 31st August at KüçükÇiftlik Park in Istanbul, Turkey. The festival will also feature other Metal music heavyweights such as ARCH ENEMY, CARCASS, KREATOR, MASTODON, THERION and many others.


More information about %100 METAL FEST - HEADBANGERS' WEEKEND can be found clicking HERE


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