JorZine - CHALICE OF DOOM - Line Up Changes Announced

CHALICE OF DOOM - Line Up Changes Announced


Jordanian Doom/Death metallers CHALICE OF DOOM have announced Fadi Al Shami (ARAMAIC, ex-SVENGALI) as the band's new clean vocalist and rhythm guitarist. He replaces the band's longtime keyboardist and clean vocalist Azmo Lozmodial, who has parted ways with the band. Tariq Khasawneh switches from rhythm guitars to bass, and the keys and choirs will be handled from now on by Fares Swedan and Ahmad Saffarini "Seffo".


The band posted this statement on its Facebook Page: "Dear Brothers and Sisters, we'd like to thank you for all the support you've shown us through out the years. Some new cards have been dealt with, and for that we would like to give a warm welcome to our new member/brother Fadi Al Shami [...] [who will be] handling both clean vocals and rhythm guitars, while Tariq Khasawneh will be filling in as the band's bassist and the keys/choirs will be done by Fares and Ahmad, this will lead us also to announce the departure of the Keyboardist/Clean Vocalist Azmo Lozmodial wishing him all the luck in his journey".



The band's latest album "Into Hypnagogia" was released on 2013 through the Spanish label Memento Mori. The effort, which is the band's 2nd full length, features a bunch of well-known musicians such as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Roger 'Rogga' Johansson (THE 11TH HOUR, PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, ex-EDGE OF SANITY...), vocalists Marius Strand (THE FALL OF EVERY SEASON), Christina Kroustali (DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS) and Giampaul Andrianopoulos (LONESOME OCTOBER, ex-EARTHEN) and keyboardist Maria Zvyagina.


You can read JorZine's review of "Into Hypnagogia" clicking HERE


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